Certificate Program

More Than Music. 

Music Entrepreneurship Certificate

For our 30-week, two-semester certificate program, we’ve crafted a rigorous curriculum modernized to prepare a working musician from their first steps on stage, to the recording booth, and beyond. Study intensely alongside decorated musicians to develop your sound. Learn the styles and skills you’ll need to succeed as a producer and a businessperson through new online video courses and weekly live classes with your mentor and classmates. 

Study Anywhere at Your Own Pace

Our certificate program allows you to study with professional musicians from anywhere in the world. Learn your way via our online platform. 

Always Here To Help (24/7 Access) 

Access your online video lessons any time, and leave questions for your mentor to see and answer.  

Mentorship Sessions

Work alongside highly decorated industry professionals that have been handpicked to provide you with the most fulfilling and relevant experience. 

In-Person Retreats

Attend a 2 week intensive in NYC packed with mentorship sessions, recording sessions, networking events, and a performance at a popular NYC venue.

Build and Connect with Community

Connect with your peers, mentors, ask questions, share ideas and collaborate.


Complete our program and receive a Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship from Sound Collective.  

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Pick your Instrument and Recording Software of choice, and prepare to get on track to becoming a modern, professional working musician! 

Music Entreprenership

Instrument Elective 01 *

Instrument Elective 02 *

Music Business

* Individual courses for guitar players, drummers, singers, bass players, keyboard and piano players and DJs.


Music Theory

Orientation To The Studio

The Retreat (Ensemble, Mentorship, and Studio)

Our Mentors

Samuel Torres

Modern Percussion

Rosemary Minkler

Modern Piano

Costas Baltazanis

Modern Guitar

DJ Esquire

Modern DJing

Jae Franklin

Modern Songwriting Techniques (Vocals)

Manuel Valera

Modern Songwriting (Chord Structure)

Martina Liviero

Modern Music Theory

Vinnie Pagano

Orientation To The Recording Studio

Ricardo Rodriguez

Modern Bass


Music Production With Logic Pro X

Darren Fewins

Modern Vocal Techniques

Brandon Scott

Modern Drumming 
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